Why is social media important for growing my business?

You could be running a one man operation or a giant national company, social media is an essential factor to your business’s marketing strat

August 29, 2020

The DiJital Agency

It’s not a given, but every business needs a social media presence.

You could be running a one man operation or a giant national company, social media is an essential factor to your business’s marketing strategy. Social media platforms can increase brand awareness, increase leads and sales, or even just help you connect with your customers. There are more than three billion people around the work that are using social media. 

Makes relationship to the brand more personal 

Social media allows you to have a personalized conversation with your customers by showing your human side. With social media, you can respond to each and every customer effectively. Talking to your customers on a first name basis and personalizing your response so they don’t feel like you are just trying to entertain them.  

Customer want immediate answers and usually turn to social media to share their thoughts and concerns. Quick responses builds satisfaction for your customers. With a good experience, customers are likely to come back again. This can develop a more loyal relationship to your brand. 

You are capable of building a community for your customers with social media. Having a community built around your brand, where customers can interact with not only you but with each other, can have a place where they feel safe, connected, and informed. 

Promote business more effectively

Social media is a very powerful way for a business of any size to reach prospects and customers. Social media has an untapped customer potential, and marketing on social media could bring big success, created loyal customers, and even drive leads and sales.

Investing into social media marketing  can help reach a number of goals, like:

° Increase website traffic

° Raising brand awareness

° Create positive brand identity and association

Get more valuable insights about audience and your business

In order to scale a business, you need data collected from your customers. Social media data can answer your questions on what is working and what isn’t, for example:

° Which network is drawing in the most lead generations?

° What type of content makes audiences engage more?

° At what part of the funnel are the audiences engaging the most?

° What part of the strategy needs to be improved on?

By gathering these insights, data can be used to help make future decisions and improve the strategies.  Social media data will improve your marketing strategy as it shows what content your audiences are engaging the most.

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Why is social media important for growing my business?

Social media increases website traffic 

A website is the digital face of a business which is crucial to establishing credibility online. A website can be implemented into your marketing strategy to help your business grow. 

We live in an age where people are constantly on their phones. If they need to find something out their first option is to check the web. They don’t have time to go and visit their shop so they usually just check it out online.

Customers can get all the information they need from the internet like:

° The location

° The product or service

° Information about the brand 

Customers nowadays expect serious businesses to have a nice website. Every type of communication, content, or advertisement will drive the consumer back to your website. 

Social media is crucial when it comes to scaling a business. Social media can help develop customer relations, loyalty, and help improve your marketing strategy

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