What is Web Design , Do you I need it for my business?

Thinking about creating a website but can’t decide whether to hire a qualified individual or saving some bucks by using those template websi

September 14, 2020

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Web Design 

Thinking about creating a website but can’t decide whether to hire a qualified individual or saving some bucks by using those template website builders like word press or Weebly. Well, they aren’t all that bad but the potential is very limited. They lack creativity and fall in line with what is considered a duplicated website and it's all too similar to others. What makes a professional website stand out from a template builder is that sense of personalization and creativity. There are many different Web design types whether that being minimalism, interactive, complex, or so on.

Why does an appealing website or a website was done by a professional matter?

Well to see the importance first you need to change your perception. A website is like a asset, you don’t want your asset to be generic you want it to be unique and different maybe even profitable to the point where it generates growth and revenue. That is a website it has endless opportunities and if you create a website you don’t want your possibilities to be narrowed down. Many websites are self ran and entertained to each individual that it pulls in. Not only does an appealing website generate more traffic it could generate more revenue as many see it as a status symbol for many businesses. You are seen as more qualified for having a website than not having one. 

 I have a website already why do I need another one? 

That's good that you leaped into the digital world by deciding that a website is right for your business. By all means, if you do have a website done by a professional then you are doing a great job. Next is to ask for feedback from friends and family and communicate with your customer base and gain feedback. Then ask yourself whether your website is set for growth and has the capabilities to ensure your asset growth. Does it already have a blog page? Can it handle form submissions and data conversion? There are so many things that Web designers leave out when it comes to capabilities. Finding the right one to fit your needs is essential if you are trying to scale your business to the next level. A website is more than just a website it is a landing page for lead generation and analytics so that you can target potential customers. This is but the many possibilities.

How much does a web site cost?

Well, a Website can come in various shapes and forms with prices ranging in the thousands. It is pricey but you have to see it in a different perception. Have you ever heard of that saying “you get what you pay”? A web designer spends countless hours developing a website depending on the work. It is no easy task to develop and create one even using a website template builder you could spend countless hours. At the digital Agency, you can ask us for a free quote and we can price you depending on your website needs and there will always be room for possibilities in our developing end of things. 

 Are there any additional costs for owning a website?

Yes, there is whether you want to hire someone to manage or the various hosting capabilities you pay yearly we can drive the cost down so that you are not paying premiums for your services that shouldn’t be breaking your bank.

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