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What We Offer Is More Than Just Digital Marketing

We build long lasting relationships with our clients and our reputation in the community we serve in. We believe in catering in every need our customer is entitled to when they work with us. Be apart of the Digital Agency family.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Stay competitive in the world of  "googling " nowadays businesses are fighting a invisible war to stay in the first pages of commonly search phrases such as "best restaurant near me " or "stores near me" It its a vital channel for foot traffic as most businesses depend on it.


Web Design / Management

A website is the virtual face of a business. At TROO Media, we believe that every business should have an efficient and attractive website. With the use of innovative website design techniques, we cater to businesses of all industries. TROO Media website development caters to users on mobile, tablet, and desktop computers as more than 50% of internet usage has transitioned to mobile.


Social Media Marketing /Management

With social media constantly evolving, the strategies used to market a business online is constantly evolving too. Normally, you have about 2.5 seconds before viewers disengage, thus making it crucial to create a connection with creative and innovative marketing.Social media is considered the second-most effective form of digital marketing, yet more than one-third of businesses do not have social media presence at all. Let TROO Media's social media management experts steer your social media presence towards increasing followers, maximizing brand awareness and gaining revenue.


Content Creation / Logo Design

Present passion and artistry with human emotion and precision. Using only the best of today’s technology, our team strives to mold your story in a way that is appealing to the world. That is attractive to the inspired eye and unique to you alone. Join us, create the story behind your symbol. The most emotional bond a consumer has with any business is its logo. One may see the symbol as a sense of happiness and childhood, or one might have a sense of love and encouragement. Nonetheless, each carries an intimate story for each individual, a story that inspires, a story that is loved. Create your story and the front page of that book with us, inspiring the world around you.


I.T Solutions

Feel like you can't keep up with todays current atmosphere where technology is constantly adapting and changing? Where you learn one program then its updated and changed completely the next year? Maintaining systems and technology so that it works efficiently in most cases is a vital asset in a business structure .We provide cost effective digital solutions that will help maintain such infrastructure so that you don't have to pay costly overhead by hiring a full-time employee.


Digital Surveillance / Security

DNowadays you can never be too careful especially when it comes to your business and its assets. We provide security system surveillance installation and security measure guidance so you can keep your business secure.


Digital Signage / Menus

Want to add a creative way to display your menu, services or graphics? Well we can digitalize anything you want and display it on a screen its that simple. We have a design team ready to take in any request you may have.