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We are The DiJital Agency, a digital marketing agency based in the Monterey Peninsula. Our mission is to help businesses transition into the “DiJital” age and scale with the power of social media. Providing Dijital solutions to grow and develop businesses models across all genres. We are in an age where there are 3.5 billion active social media users worldwide. The DiJital Agency was founded in June of 2020 by co-founders and aspiring entrepreneurs, Jemar Deleon and Joe Huang, for the purpose of helping businesses utilize social media to develop an online presence, gain more customers, and scale their business. Being part of generation Z, Jemar and Joe grew up alongside social media and understanding it as if it was their second language. When businesses were on the verge of shutting down for good because they couldn’t keep the steady flow of customers, the two saw an opportunity to put their skills to use. 

Whether it is growing your brand, or getting more customers, The DiJital Agency is here to help. In the age where everything is on social media, businesses are losing potential revenue because they are not utilizing social media. We are The DiJital Agency, bring the community together and developing long-lasting bonds.Contact us as it is time to enter The “DiJital” Age.

Our Story

How we came to be

It all started in light of the covid 19 outbreak that battered the U.S economy and business across the nation. that's when we saw the opportunity to help local businesses that we have grown to love in our area and beat the downtrend that has plagued almost every industry. We have used innovative social media marketing techniques and built online business models so that businesses can adapt to the the new field of indoor commerce. Our Journey is to spread the success that we have had in our own communities and help businesses across the country.